Lake Property Rules

1. Our Lake Property is private and for Members Only. All guests must be accompanied by a member or the member's spouse.

2. The Employees Club is not responsible for vandalized, damaged or stolen property.

3. Members are responsible for damage to club property incurred by them or their guests.

4. Only members may park RV's/campers on the property in established RV sites AFTER payment to and approval from the Club. Your RV site will be determined by the Club and proportionate to the size of your RV.

5. Camping fees are $30/week or $400/year.

6. DO NOT leave heaters or AC running in your camper when not in use. If you're away for an extended period of time, unplug your camper completely to prevent energy consumption of refrigerators and for fire safety.

7. No permanent structures may be attached to campers.

8. Campsites must be kept tidy, uncluttered and free of litter.

9. All trash must be disposed of in the dumpster.

10. DO NOT clean fish in the restrooms! All members are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the restrooms and shower house. Be courteous.

11. Do not cut down trees.

12. No hunting or discharging firearms or arrows.

13. There are no lifeguards. You may swim at your own risk.

14. Parties and large gatherings (8 or more people) need prior approval from the Board.

15. Do not leave campfires unattended.

16. The pavilion and meeting hall are available for rent. If it is not rented and you don't have a large gathering, members and their families may use it.

17. Please be courteous in the event the meeting hall is rented for a wedding and such and do not disturb it.

18. Dogs must be kept on a leash if other members/guests are on the property. Please take note that some people have a fear of dogs or dogs biting children and not all people like dogs jumping on them. Clean all dog poop and dispose of it properly.

19. The Employees Club Board and lake property stewards have the right to ask any person(s) in violation of these rules or other conduct detrimental to the property or others to leave the premises. Violations may also result in loss of membership and its privileges.

A generous amount of time and effort has been volunteered to make this campground enjoyable for everyone. Take care of it and make it enjoyable for all.

FCC Terre Haute Employees Club, Inc.

The Meeting Hall is a beautiful, 2800 sq. ft facility built by a dedicated group of Employees' Club Board members and volunteers. We're very proud of what we created and hope to share it with you! The facility allows us a place of reprieve away from work to hold various functions and gatherings. Club members are welcome to use the facility for weddings, receptions, family reunions, small parties, etc.

Usage Information:

One (1) day Use: $350.00

Security deposit: $100 (refundable after event pending inspection)

Additional time: $150 - from 4:00 p.m. the day prior to event to noon the day after. Available ONLY if the facility is not booked for another event. Requests for additional time can be made one week prior to event.

Use includes: Facility, full service kitchen, Club tables and chairs. Guests also have access to the lake property and playground area. Children must be supervised at all times and be mindful of other members. During any event, the property (fishing, camping, and playground) will still be open for other members' use.

**You must be an Employees' Club Member in good standing in order to rent the Meeting Hall.**

Need more information or want to reserve your date? Contact us here: